Unwritten Rules About Cremation Services

cremation services in Elton, PAIf you are organizing cremation services in Elton, PA for the first time, or if you have to attend a service for the first time and you aren’t sure what to do about it, you might want to have a rule book or something to look over. There’s no such thing. There aren’t really rules for these kinds of situations. But there are unwritten rules or certain things you will want to follow out of respect. Here are a few for your information.

One of the first unwritten rules for those who are going to attend services is to dress as the family has asked. If they aren’t spreading any specifics, then you can assume the attire is normal and more on the formal side. If they ask you to wear a sports team shirt, do so. They have decided on the clothing they want for this service to honor their loved one. Go with it and fit in nicely.

On the other side, if you want everyone to wear blue to the service because it was your loved one’s favorite, you will need to make sure you spread the word about that. Perhaps put the information in the obituary, post about it online, and make sure your family is spreading the word to everyone who might need to know. You don’t want someone to be left out just because you didn’t get around to telling them.

Another rule for attending cremation services, just like a funeral, is to be on time. These services, whether they are somber or more of a celebration, are important to the family. Out of respect, make sure you get there on time and turn your cell phone off or leave it in the car.

As the family making the plans, if you are having more of an open house where people can come and go, like the clothing style, make that feature well known. People will understand they don’t have to be there strictly at a certain time and can come and go as they please.

And, just as you would at a funeral, try to speak to the family who has organized the event so you can let them know you are sorry for their loss and that you are there to support them.

cremation services in Elton, PAIf you aren’t sure how to organize cremation services in Elton, PA for a loved one who has passed on, or if you want to know what to do when you attend a service, talk to the professionals at Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory. We’re here to help you through the planning process, but we also want to support those around you when they want to reach out and aid you through your grief. We are a good place to call whenever you have questions, need grief support, want to know what gifts to send, or anything else. If we don’t have answers, we can point you in the right direction to find what you need. Give us a call any time.

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