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cremation services in Windber, PAWhile many people today choose cremation services in Windber, PA because it is a simpler, less costly method, there can still be a lot of things to get done. Some cremation services are direct and there are no services around them. Others have a simple ash scattering while there are also families that go all out and have a memorial service that feels more like a funeral. If someone you know is going through grief right now, there are supportive roles you can take on to help them through the process, no matter what they have chosen to do with the services for their loved one. Here are a few ideas:

Arrange A Reception

Depending on what kind of services the family wants for their loved one, it might be nice for them to have a reception afterward. Even if they are just doing a simple ash scattering, the intimate family group might want to have more time together as a unit after that is complete. Offer to arrange that reception by getting people to cook the dishes, making reservations at a restaurant in a private room, or whatever else needs to be done so the family has one less thing to think about.

Deliver Meals

It’s more important for those grieving to eat nutritious meals to keep their body in full working order to deal with the stress that grief brings with it. But they may not always have an appetite or the desire to cook. Make some homemade goodies you know they would enjoy or even order things from a restaurant and deliver it to them. Try to package things into meal sizes so they can freeze what they don’t use right away and pull them out as needed.

Do Chores

Those who are having cremation services might have family members coming into town, which means they could have house guests on top of everything else. Offer to tidy things up for them and prepare the guest rooms. You could do other household things as well like mowing the yard, making sure the trash is down at the curb on the right day, and watering plants. They may not be thinking about the everyday life things right now.

Offer A Shoulder To Cry On

One of the biggest things you can do is simply offer a shoulder to cry on when they need it the most. They might need someone to listen to them and to allow them to mourn, especially once their family goes home and they are left more on their own.

These are a few supportive things you can do for a family arranging cremation services in Windber, PA for a loved one. If you’d like more suggestions, contact us at Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory and we’ll help in any way we can. You can call us at (814) 533-5832 with questions about what else you can do or even visit us in person at 717 Main St Windber, PA 15963 for advice and ideas.

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