Value Pricing

We understand that many families are looking for affordable cremation and burial costs. We offer all inclusive Package offerings with Value –Added options significantly less than traditional funeral homes. In fact, in most instances we are Thousands less.

Remarkable Facility

With a modern design, our flawless facility emphasizes comfort, care, and attentiveness to detail. The bright, welcoming common area boasts striking special touches including natural stone, and a fireplace that offers a true sense of ease and relaxation. Our hospitality suite is designed to be as comfortable as one’s own home. The visitation room is open, spacious and offers natural lighting. It does not have the traditional funeral home feel.

Cremation with Confidence

Not all cremations are created equal. While all funeral homes offer cremation, most are mere jobbers who drop someone at a crematory shared by multiple funeral homes and never actually perform or even witness the cremation. Simple Alternatives handles the complete process from start to finish at their privately owned on-site cremation facility. On-site and not jobbed out, the difference is peace of mind.

Signature Services

We’re not just Funeral Directors. We’re expert listeners, caregivers with the capability and knowledge to personalize and help transform your ideas & thoughts into a memorable tribute. On the flip side details can be coordinated, planned, and executed on-line for convenience in the comfort of your own home.

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