Personalized Keepsakes

We offer a wide selection of personalized Keepsakes that combines the best in modern scanning technology with the ancient art of lost wax casting. From ink prints of your loved one, the best one is scanned and saved electronically. For each piece you order, a wax replica is created and then cast in solid precious metal, using the time-honored process of lost wax casting. Hand-polished, your piece is finished with the engraving of your choice and returned to you. If you purchase a keepsake of your loved one, a representative will reach out to assist you with engraving options.

Dog Tags

All tags are made of Noble Bronze™ which is a white bronze product cast like bronze or silver, then coated to make them hypo-allergenic. The coating is guaranteed for life and ideal for anyone with metal allergies.

Fillable Keepsakes

The opportunity to choose a Keepsake Pendant presents itself only once – The comfort a Keepsake Pendant offers, lasts a lifetime. Keepsake Jewelry has been developed as a way to keep a locket of hair or a small portion of cremated remains close at hand as a tangible source of comfort. Fillable Keepsake Pendants are available in a variety of styles and is a special way to remember someone.

Keepsake Urns

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