Planning A Funeral Reception

It is traditional to have a reception after you have a traditional funeral and burial at funeral homes in Northern Cambria, PA. But many times, you’re already dealing with so much with the funeral planning, it can be hard to concentrate on planning a funeral reception at the same time. Use these tips to help you figure out how to get the plans to come together in the easiest possible manner without adding stress to your life.

Let The Church Do It

If you are having the funeral at a church, or if your family is part of a church in your community, you could allow the church to have the reception for you. There are often groups of volunteers within churches (or even other community groups) that get together to provide this service for families who are grieving. If a group offers to host the reception for you, let them. It is just one less thing you have to take care of yourself.

Keep It Simple

You don’t necessarily have to organize a big to-do in order to get what you need from a funeral reception. What you really want is for your family to have more time together, right? You could just book a private room at a nearby restaurant and allow everyone to order what they want off the menu. You don’t have to go into any details, and everyone can get what they want. Sit down together, have a meal, and enjoy time with your family, supporting one another along the way.

Delegate The Task

There are going to be plenty of people, both family and friends, rallying around you in this time of need. Many of them are going to ask what they can do to help. Delegate the reception plans to someone you trust who is close to your family, but not so close that they are going to be overly emotional about the loss. That person can take care of the details and implement any ideas you have, just like the funeral home has with the final service plans.

Go Potluck

You don’t want to prepare a whole meal and you don’t want anyone else in your family to have to do so, either. Ask everyone to bring a dish or a dessert and just have a potluck. It’s all about the time you have together, not how good the food it. But with a potluck, you’re always guaranteed to have plenty.

These are just a few ideas to help you put together a reception after services at funeral homes in Northern Cambria, PA. The professionals at Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory can help you with more ideas when you visit us at 717 Main St Windber, PA 15963. We’re here to help with all of the details from start to finish and we can brainstorm with you over ideas for receptions as well. Call us at (814) 533-5832 and tell us about your loved one, to get started, and we’ll help you compassionately from there. Our website is:

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