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cremation services in Richland, PAWhen you attend cremation services in Richland, PA, there’s only so much you can do to comfort the grieving family. Your presence, actually, means a lot. They will see your support just through your appearance at the service. But if you want to take things further and bring some kind of gift to the family, that is always nice as well. Most people send flowers or a sympathy card and that’s a very nice gift. But if you want to bring something more unique, here are a few things you might do.

Bring Something The Deceased Created

If the person who passed on made gifts for you and you are willing to part with one, you might bring it as a gift to the family. Perhaps they loved to knit and they made a scarf or pot holder for you. Chances are, family members have some of those items as well, but if you write a note to go along with it to tell the family how much the item meant to you, it can mean a lot to them as well. They may want to hold onto it as a memory of something their loved one did that others enjoyed.

Bring A Book They Loved

If you and the person who passed on shared a love of reading, and you know what their favorite book was, you could bring a copy of it along and give it to the family in their honor. They could pass it around and read it in memory of your loved one or they could place their name inside and donate it to the local library so anyone who reads it would know it was beloved by that person.

Something That Reminds You Of Them

IF the person who passed on loved to garden, you might bring a variety of seed packets to donate to the family. They might plant a garden in their yards to remember the person who passed on in that way. It’s a nice way to show that you knew the person and that you are there to honor their memory in a special way.

Pictures Others Might Not Have

If you knew the person in a special way, like you were their college roommate, you might have pictures of them that no one else has. Make copies of those photos and bring them to the family along with stories of the person from that time in their life. It can be comforting to hear memories they’ve never heard before.

cremation services in Richland, PAThere are plenty of other things you could bring to cremation services in Richland, PA if you want to honor someone and bring a gift to their family at the same time. The professionals at Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory are here to implement final services, but we’re also here to support those who surround the family in grief during those times. We have all sorts of suggestions for things you could bring so you can honor that person and their family members.

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