FAQ’s About Funeral and Cremation Care in Richland, PA

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Most people do not speak about death or funeral care in depth. It can feel uncomfortable to think about dying or losing a loved one. So, when death occurs, we are often uncertain what should be done in the moments, hours, and days that follow. That’s why many people have a lot of questions about funeral and cremation in Richland, PA. Here are some of the most common questions we receive, along with our answers. We hope they provide you some guidance in your time of need.

What Should I Do When a Death Happens?

If your loved one has died at home, contact the local police department at a non-emergency phone number. They will send a coroner’s officer to make sure the death pronouncement by the medical examiner is legal. If death occurs at a hospital, hospice, assisted living center, etc., then the on-call supporting healthcare personnel can provide the legal pronouncement of death. If you’ve made advance arrangement with a funeral home, follow their instructions about who you should notify first: the police or the funeral home. They may request you to notify both of them. Depending on the funeral home, they may complete any necessary legal paperwork involved.

You should also notify any other important contacts, including immediate family and friends, clergy, employer, and business colleagues. It’s best to contact them personally by phone.

Why Should I Have a Funeral or Cremation in Richland, PA?

Funerals are a way for families and friends to gather together in an atmosphere of care and support for each other. This fills an important human need to not be alone in our pain and loss. When we know others share in our burden; we don’t feel so alone. Funerals provide a place where we can share our feelings and thoughts about the person who has died. We recognize their death has occurred, and mourn their passing. This helps us to begin our healing journey and adjustment to life without them.

If the deceased will be cremated, you can still hold a funeral service. It’s best if the service is personalized to reflect the individual that has died. A personalized service is quite meaningful for those who attend, because of its focus on the person rather than the ceremony itself.

Which Is Better: Casket Burial or Cremation?

Choosing between these options a matter of family preference. Both of them provide unique benefits. The most common disposition of mortal remains is earth burial in a casket. Entombment is next in popularity, followed by cremation. In recent decades, the number of cremation services has increased because it tends to be more affordable than traditional burial services. It also provides increased flexibility to schedule a memorial service at an opportune time. In our modern world, our friends and relatives tend to be dispersed across the country and globe, making it more difficult to gather on short notice.

If having the body of your deceased loved one present at their funeral is important, you should select this service option. Choosing funeral services does not preclude you from cremation services later. You can choose both a funeral and cremation in Richland, PA if desired. The ashes of your deceased loved one are generally put into an urn before being laid to rest. You can choose to place the ashes in the earth via burial or in a columbarium, mausoleum, or cemetery urn garden. You can also choose to keep the ashes or scatter them in accordance with the law.

Does the Law Require a Body to Be Embalmed?

Embalming is not required by law, except in certain special cases per the Federal Trade Commission. However, if your family chooses to hold a funeral service with a viewing, it is necessary to sanitize and embalm the body of your loved one. You can choose a different option that does not require embalmment if preferred, such as immediate burial or simple cremation without viewing.

Is There Any Financial Support Available to Pay for Funeral Expenses?

Yes, there are several aid options. We suggest you check the following:

  • If qualified for any entitlements, you or your loved one can receive financial help for funeral costs. Contact the Social Security Administration, your State Fund, or the Department of Veterans Affairs as applicable.
  • Check whether the insurance policies of the deceased provide any coverage for funeral or related expenses.
  • Search for any charities that can offer financial assistance. You can contact non-profits, churches, or other community organizations.
  • Consider cremation care as a less expensive option.

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