The Direct Cremation Service Process

cremation services in Salix, PAThere are different types of cremation services in Salix, PA available, should you want to plan your own services ahead of time or should you need to plan for a loved one who has passed away. They vary in cost and style and there are reasons to go either direction. Full cremation is a service that includes a visitation and funeral first, then cremation. Direct cremation happens when cremation occurs soon after death without any services beforehand.

Direct cremation is a good way to go if the budget is limited. IT cuts out expensive services like embalming. There’s no need to purchase or even rent a casket. You don’t have to have a headstone, burial plot, or other things that are necessary with a traditional burial. And you need less than you would have for a full cremation as well. Many people appreciate direct cremation because of its simplicity, its low cost, and the flexibility it offers.

When you are looking into direct cremation, there will be packages to consider. The nicest thing about the packages is that they include everything you need to have. They will include transporting the body from the place of death to the funeral home as well as the direct cremation process itself. They will also include a simple container for the remains. You can add whatever you’d like, of course.

It’s important to know some of the laws that surround direct cremation, so you know your rights. You never have to purchase or use a casket with direct cremation. The crematory will furnish you with a simple container so you do not have to buy anything extra, but you can. If you choose to use an urn from an outside vendor, they will use it, even if you didn’t buy it from them.

There are a lot of options you can add to the packages you choose and it’s worth at least considering them. But if you want to have the simplest method possible, direct cremation at its core is a good way to go. You might want to save money so you can pay for the services now as part of a pre-plan. Or you might want to spend less on the method, so you have more to spend on memorial services for a loved one. Planning for yourself is all about what you want and when you plan for someone else, you have to try and guess as to what they would appreciate most.

Arranging cremation services in Salix, PA doesn’t have to be a big task when you keep things simple with direct cremation. It’s an honorable, respectful way to honor someone without too much flair and fanfare. IF you are ready to plan for yourself in advance, or you have a loved one who needs plans after having passed away, the professionals at Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory are here to help. We will support your decisions and carry out the plans you want to put into action whenever needed.

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