Pre-Need Or At-Need With Funeral Homes

funeral homes in Westmont, PAThere are two types of planning processes with funeral homes in Westmont, PA. Pre-need describes services that are planned in advance. If you want to arrange your own services for the future, that would be a pre-need service. At-need services are those that are planned when a death occurs, and the need is immediate. Taking a look at each can help you determine the difference even further.

At-need services are generally utilized when someone dies suddenly or unexpectantly. They are also used when someone passes on and didn’t leave plans behind. The next of kin is usually in charge of creating the services. They know the loved one well and have the best opportunity to guess at what they would have wanted. While it can be hard to make those decisions, at that point, there aren’t other choices. You have to do what you have to do.

Pre-need services are chosen by the person who will use them ahead of their death. You can make decisions as far in advance as you want. Sometimes, people make plans when they are young and healthy. Other times, they wait until retirement or until they are aging to a point where they know death will occur eventually. There’s no right or wrong time to plan ahead. Services can even be paid for in advance, if you want, to save family from that burden and to save funding. You pay for the costs of what services are now, not whatever they might be in the future.

There are pros and cons to each type of service, but sometimes, at-need is the only option when someone passes away without a plan. Pre-need has a lot of advantages to it and it is something you might want to consider for yourself. For example, you are able to maintain your self-reliance when you plan ahead. You are in charge of your services and you get to decide what happens at the end of your life. You get your wishes met and you can make sure of it. Your family will follow the plans the funeral home has laid out with you because they know it’s what you want.

It’s also nice to know that your family won’t have the burden of planning when you pass on. Losing someone is a huge burden already and not having to plan and make decisions can make the process easier on them. You can also take that financial responsibility off family members and take care of that aspect yourself as well.

funeral homes in Westmont, PAWhether you want to plan a pre-need service, or a loved one has passed away and you have the need for an at-need service, funeral homes in Westmont, PA are here to help. We understand both types of situation and we’re here to give you the compassion and support you need to get through the planning. Contact Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory to talk through your needs and start to make decisions for the future, whether that’s far away or close by.

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