Moving Towards Cremation Service Ideas

When a loved one passes on, there are no right or wrong answers between traditional burial and cremation and funeral services in Northern Cambria, PA. Both service styles are completely honorable and respectful. As you make the decision between the two on behalf of your loved one and the rest of your family, there might be a few things that move you towards the cremation side of the coin. Here are a few to consider:

You Want Certain Things For The Final Service

There’s flexibility with most services you can have, but traditional funerals and burials are much more rigid in what you can do. IF you have certain ideas for the final service you want to have for your loved one and they don’t fit into the template for a traditional funeral, perhaps cremation services would be a better fit for your loved one.

You Like Resting Places That Are Burial Alternatives

Burial is a very traditional, honorable way to give a loved one a final resting place. But perhaps you feel that your loved one would prefer a burial at sea or an ash scattering instead. IF you want any resting place for your loved one other than burial, you might move towards the idea of cremation instead so you can give them those options for your family to consider.

Your Budget Is On The Low Side

Whether your loved one underestimated how much money to leave behind for their services, or you have to cover the expenses yourself, if you don’t have a large enough budget for a standard funeral, there’s nothing wrong with moving toward cremation instead. Cremation is always going to cost less because it involves far fewer products and services. IF you don’t have the budget in place for something bigger, move to direct cremation and use the rest of the money for a wonderful memorial service.

Your Family Is Pro Cremation

There are some families that like their traditions and the regular funerals and burials, but there are other families that gravitate to cremation instead. Perhaps your family finds it important to have highly personal memorial services that cater exactly to the person your loved one was. That will make you lean very heavily toward cremation, as you should.

funeral homes in Richland, PAThere are no right or wrong choices. IF your loved one hasn’t left plans behind, all you can do is make your best guess as to what they would have wanted. Some of the above factors may also have you moving toward cremation services in Northern Cambria, PA. However you end up deciding, there is no right or wrong choice. Both choices are completely honorable and you can give your loved one the dignity and respect they deserve through either method. Speak with the professionals at Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory further about the choices and you will get a sense for what direction you want to take with your family. We are here to support your decisions and help you implement the services you wish to have.

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