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cremation services in Elton, PAWhen you think about your own final services, what do you picture? If you want something simple and straightforward, cremation services in Elton, PA might be the right fit. There are different types of cremation services, but the simplest is direct cremation. Direct cremation happens soon after death without other services beforehand. Here are some details about it to get you the information you need to make a final decision.

Direct Cremation Has Options

While direct cremation sounds very simple—and it is—there are plenty of options you can consider once the cremation is complete. With direct cremation, there are no services beforehand, but there can be services after. You can personalize many details, have a memorial service, buy an urn, and do anything else you want. Just because direct cremation is simply doesn’t not mean it is exclusive in that it doesn’t exclude other options at all.

Direct Cremation Is Popular And Common

Cremation itself is used in about half of the cases today. Of those cases, the large majority is direct cremation. Since it is a popular choice, you can find it in almost any funeral home. That makes it easily accessible when you need it. It’s also nice to know it’s a common choice because that means it’s widely accepted.

Direct Cremation Is Low In Cost

If you want the lowest cost disposition method, direct cremation is it. While any type of cremation is cheaper than a traditional burial, direct cremation is the lowest in cost. It includes hardly any of the products and services you need for a burial, which means those costs are cut out completely. You can add certain things and customize others, but the costs will still be lower. And, if you want to keep things really simple and cheap, just getting a cremation package is all you really need for the entire process.

Direct Cremation Brings Simplicity

While you can arrange other services to go along with direct cremation, you don’t have to. And that can bring the simplicity to the services that you might want. There’s no funeral before, no visitation, and so on. Just the cremation. If you choose to have a simple ash scattering after, or nothing at all, that’s completely up to you. Some people value their privacy and don’t want a service where people are crying over their loss.

cremation services in Elton, PAWhen you look into cremation services in Elton, PA for your own pre-plans, keep direct cremation in mind as one great option. The professionals at Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory can talk to you about the choices in detail so you know just which direction you want to take based on your budget, your preferences, and the other information you get. You can come to our facilities and take a tour, get to know how we operate, and then, ask for suggestions and details based on what you have told us about you. We’re here to help you get plans in order for the future, so your family won’t have to at that time.

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