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funeral homes in Elton, PAOne of the things you will likely do when you work with funeral homes in Elton, PA on final services for a loved one is tour the funeral home. You need to know what the facilities are like as you make arrangements. There are plenty of things you will need to pay attention to on this tour. The funeral home can, of course, remind you of those points later, but it’s nice to remember as much of it as you can yourself. It can be hard when you are in a fog of grief, but take notes as you can and take someone along with you on the tour to help you remember important things later. Here are a few points along the funeral home tour to take note of:

Service Room Options

If you are planning on having a visitation, funeral, memorial service, or some other kind of service at the funeral home, you will want to choose a room for those events. The funeral homes usually have several rooms available from which to choose. You want to figure out about how many people you will need to host to choose the right space. You can also have the funeral home set it up in certain ways so it’s good to remember the rooms so you can request those things later when you get closer to the event. The rooms are important. If you have a small, intimate family group coming, you don’t want something large and overwhelming that will feel empty. On the other hand, if you are opening services to the public, you don’t want people feeling cramped and stuffed into a space that is too small.

Guest Comfort In Other Spaces

It is important that your guests are comfortable for the entire process and they might not always be in the room where your services are being held. Perhaps they want to step out of the visitation to talk to a mutual friend. There should be comfortable seating and private alcoves in the hallway to accommodate them. Maybe a guest wants to have a few moments alone to grieve. There should be room for that as well, with tissues available and perhaps bottles of water. You may also want to check out the restrooms to make sure they are large enough, well kept, and stocked with the right items.

funeral homes in Elton, PAThere are other important parts of the funeral homes in Elton, PA to watch as you tour, but the professionals at Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory are happy to remind you of anything you forget later or even show you rooms and other things a second time, if need be. We are here to help this process be as easy as possible on you in every way we can. We won’t make any decisions for you or push you into anything, but we will support you in whatever you decide and help you to feel the compassion you need to get through a hard time. Give us a call to start with a consultation.

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