Celebrating Life After Funeral Home Services

funeral homes in Richland, PAWhen someone in your family passes away and you start planning with funeral homes in Richland, PA, you might be focusing on their passing and what needs to be done for their final services. However, once things are in order, there are things you can do to celebrate their life and remember them for the special person they were. Here are a few things you might want to do to remind yourself and everyone else just how unique that person was to your life.

Make A Quilt (Or Have One Made)

Instead of tossing all those old t-shirts or stowing them away in the closet, you could make a quilt out of them—or have someone else make the quilt if you’re not into sewing. You end up with a blanket filled with memories that will feel like a hug from your loved one every time you use it.

Donate To Special Charities

If you want to celebrate what your loved one meant to certain organizations, donate some of their belongings to special places. If their heart was always to help women and children, make sure their jewelry goes to a women and children’s shelter to give those struggling something special to enjoy. If they had cancer, take the wigs they wore to a cancer center and let other women going through something similar benefit from their cast offs.

Honor Them On Social Media

Anyone can make a meme today and you can celebrate your loved one in a public manner through meme-orials. Place their picture with an inspirational saying, a funny story, or something they used to say a lot and their life can be on show for anyone to enjoy. You are celebrating who they were and notifying others of their passing at the same time.

Take On New Tasks

If there was something your loved one enjoyed doing, try to pick up the torch and carry that on for them. Perhaps they were known for their baking. Take their recipes and try your hand at them to enjoy something they loved and remember them for what made them special. You could also learn something new, like how to crochet or another skill that they had and you wish to share with them now.

There are lots of ways to honor your loved one around the services at funeral homes in Richland, PA. While the person is gone, you still have your memories of them and you can celebrate what made them special in as many ways as you’d like as far into the future as you want. Call Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory for help with final services or for more ideas on how to celebrate a life well-lived at (814) 533-5832. We’re here for you throughout the process and we have grief resources to help you on the other side of the services as well. Visit with our experts in person at 717 Main St Windber, PA 15963 and let us help you through some of the hardest times.

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