5 Ways to Save Money on Funeral Costs

Funeral homes in Westmont, PA

Funeral homes in Westmont, PA can be expensive, with costs varying greatly depending on the type of service you choose. However, there are several steps that you can take to save money on funeral costs and make the process more manageable for your family. Here are five ways to save money on funeral costs.

1. Pre-Planning

One of the most effective ways to reduce funeral expenses is by pre-planning. By taking time to research options and create a budget before a death occurs, it will help alleviate some of the stress associated with those decisions during an emotional time. Additionally, many funeral homes offer discounts for those who pre-plan their funerals or purchase prepaid contracts in advance.

2. Negotiate with the Funeral Home

Once you’ve decided on a funeral home, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Many funeral homes are willing to work with families who are on tight budgets and may offer discounts or other services in order to accommodate them. Additionally, when it comes time to select items such as caskets and urns, don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price if one is available.

3. Consider Alternatives

For those who want a unique memorial service, there are many other options that can cost much less than a traditional funeral. Cremation is often less expensive than an embalming service and burial, as well as transportation costs associated with transporting the remains for burial at a distant location. Additionally, some people opt for a memorial service instead of a traditional funeral and burial, which can cost significantly less.

4. Shop Around

When it comes to selecting items associated with the funeral or memorial service, it’s important to shop around for the best prices. Compare various caskets, flowers, monuments, and other services in order to get the most value for your money. Many online retailers offer competitive prices on funeral products and services as well as discounts that are not available elsewhere.

5. Utilize Insurance Policies and Benefits

Some life insurance policies include death benefits that may help cover some of the costs associated with a funeral or memorial service. Additionally, many employers provide death benefits that may be used to cover funeral costs. Be sure to check with your insurer or employer to see what benefits are available and if they can be used to help pay for funeral expenses.

It’s important to keep in mind that any funds used from life insurance policies or employer-provided benefits will reduce the death benefit amount, although these costs can be covered tax-free. Be sure to review all of the details with your provider before utilizing any insurance policies or benefits. This can help ensure that you are making informed decisions and fully understanding the implications of using these funds.

Funeral homes in Westmont, PA

It is also important to note that some funeral homes in Westmont, PA, and crematoriums may have payment plans or other options available to help cover funeral costs, including installment payments over time. Speak with your provider about any potential payment plan options that are available. This can help ensure you are able to afford the services you need without straining your budget.

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