What To Say At Cremation Services

cremation services in Elton, PASince cremation services in Elton, PA are more popular now than ever before, you might run across invitations to services of that nature more often. Whether you have never been to a cremation memorial service before or if you have, but you didn’t know what to say in the past, either, there are lots of things you might say to the family in mourning. Depending on what kind of service they are having, you might get a chance to speak to them and there are lots of things you could say to comfort them and show your support. Here are a few options:

We’re Sorry For Your Loss

This is a generic thing to say, but really, nothing you say to the bereaved is going to make them feel better. And this statement is very sincere and true. It’s a go-to thing to say that can help you to show your sympathy without having to come up with anything specific. There’s never anything wrong with this statement, no matter what kind of service the family has after cremation.

We’ve Been Thinking Of You

When you heard that your friend’s family member died, you thought of them more often. You wondered how they were doing and how they were holding up. Telling them that when you see that at the final service can remind them that they have people who care about them. It’s never easy to move on from a loss, but at least they know there are people pulling for them.

We’re Here When You Need Us

It might be a while before your friend’s family members disperse and their life turns back into something that resembles normality. But when they need you to talk to or cry with, it’s nice for them to know you are there. Check in on them in a few weeks and extend that offer again. It’s always nice to here that they have people who are there for them.

We’d Love To Help With X

Your friend might be overwhelmed with things they need to do, even as the services are already in progress. There are lots of things to go through after those services are complete and perhaps there’s something you can do to help. If you have a specific offer, you can extend it at the final service, but be sure to follow up on it later. They may not remember what you said and they may not call you up later to ask you to follow through.

This Was Such A Nice Way To Honor Them

The family planned the service they did for reasons and when you tell them how nice the services were, that can really make them feel good. They deserve to feel confident that they did something nice for their loved one and telling them how much you enjoyed the service can help them recognize that they did something good.

cremation services in Elton, PAWhen you attend cremation services in Elton, PA, there are lots of things you could say to the family and Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory can help with advice.

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