What Can You Place In A Cremation Container?

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When you decide on cremation services in Elton, PA for a loved one, there are many things you can do before or after the cremation. The process itself is often the same, but there are things you can do to make that procedure special and unique as well. For example, your loved one will go into a cremation container and you can place other things inside with them. Here are some things that are permissible to place in the cremation container with your loved one.

Letters To Your Loved One

Writing out what you are feeling can be a nice way to vent your emotions. And you can tell your loved one goodbye and remind them how much you love them as well. Knowing they are going into cremation with a letter of love from you and other family members can really give you peace of mind moving forward.

Family Pictures

You want your loved one to have your family with you every step of this path and when you place pictures in the cremation casket with them, that’s just what will happen. Your loved one will have those memories along with them and, on the other side of things, you will know your family was there with them, and always will be.

Kid Drawings

If you have kids in your family, they might be used to drawing and coloring pictures to give as gifts. They are going to miss the person who died, too, and having them add a drawing or picture to the cremation casket can help them to process things and it can also give them something they can do around the services to be more of a part of things.

Stuffed Animals

If your loved one liked a certain animal, or adored stuffed animals in general, you can place a stuffed animal in the cremation container with them. If they had a cat they adored, get a stuffed animal that looks like that cat and the kitty can be with them forever, in a way.

Make sure whatever you place in the cremation container, you don’t want to get back. The items aren’t going to come out the other side in any form besides ashes. If you want to keep the letters to remember what you said, make copies. If there’s a certain stuffed animal that your loved one adored, you might want to get a new one like it to send along so you can keep the original.

cremation services in Elton, PA

There are lots of things you can send with a loved one into the cremation process. There are also things you can’t send, like anything with metal on it. You can talk to the providers and they can give you further advice on the cremation services in Elton, PA and the other things around it. If you are going to witness the cremation process, there’s advice to go with that as well. The professionals are there to answer your questions.

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