Understanding Cemetery Etiquette

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There are many reasons why you might visit a cemetery at some point in your life. You may be looking for a burial plot for a loved one after cremation services in Salix, PA, for example. You might also need a plot for a loved one after a traditional funeral. You could visit the cemetery to visit someone who is buried there, for a burial service, or even just to take a peaceful walk. Here are some of the things you will want to know about how to act in a cemetery so you are respectful to anyone visiting and to those who are buried there.

Obey Visiting Hours

Most cemeteries have certain visiting hours listed at their gates and you should go by those hours. Only visit when the visiting hours are open. You want to ensure that you are there when the company says you are welcome. If you visit after hours, there might be a gate that locks you out or they may be guards patrolling that will ask you to leave. The hours are there for a reason, so go with them.

Drive The Speed Limit

Many cemeteries have posted speed limits. Even if you don’t see one, drive slowly. This is a place of reverence and respect and you never want to be in a hurry, even when you are just driving through looking at the plots. If you see the posted speed limit, follow it. Otherwise, keep the speed down and drive in a leisurely manner. Take your time.

Watch Your Kids

There may be times when you need to take your kids with you to the cemetery, and that’s perfectly fine. But watch your kids and perhaps talk to them beforehand and make sure they are ready to act in the right manners. Kids often like to run and play—it’s their nature. But you aren’t going to want them hopping from headstone to headstone or rushing over graves.

Avoid Walking Over Graves

The graves are resting places for people who have passed on and you want to treat them with the utmost respect. Try to avoid walking over the graves and instead, keep to the paths. When you have to walk over graves, do so quickly.

Talk In A Hushed Voice

It’s not a library, but you do want to talk in a hushed voice so you are able to be respectful to people around you. You never know who might be around and what they might be going through. Try to keep your conversations close to those around you so they don’t filter out to others who are there honoring their loved ones.

Don’t Leave Anything Behind

If you bring flowers for your loved one’s grave, you will leave those behind, of course, but you don’t want to leave behind your water bottle, your lunch trash, or anything else. Help to keep the cemetery nice by removing anything you take in.

cremation services in Salix, PA

If you need more advice about burial after cremation services in Salix, PA, the professionals are there with ideas and suggestions.

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