Supporting Someone Who Lives Far Away

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You and your high school best friend are just that—BFF, or best friends forever. Just because life has taken you in different directions and to different parts of the country doesn’t mean you don’t mean a lot to each other, keep in touch, and support one another. When you hear that your friend has lost a loved one, your heart goes out to them. You might not be near them physically to give them the hug you want to give, but there are other things you can do to support them around the cremation service in Elton, PA they have for that special person. Here are a few ways you can support your friend, even from a distance.

Send A Gift And Card

Many people will send a sympathy card, and that’s something you can do as well. These cards are thoughtful gestures that can mean a lot to your friend as they remember how many people care about them and are supporting them. You can also send a gift with that card, something that means even more. You can send your friend a plant that they can keep and care for as they remember their loved one. You can send flowers to the service, a grief care package, or other such things. The options are endless and they can all show how much you care.

Check-In By Phone

Just because you live far away and can’t show up on their doorstep doesn’t mean you can’t check in with your friend regularly by phone. Hearing from you and hearing your voice can mean the world to them. You can give them a call once a week or so to see how they are doing in the planning process, working through their grief, and in other ways. You can also text them to remind them you are thinking about them and it might just make them smile to know you are on their side, even from afar.

Plan Food Deliveries

You want your friend to take care of themselves while they are grieving and making these final service plans. Have food delivered, like groceries of necessities, meals from restaurants in the area, pastries from their favorite bakery, and other such things. These food deliveries, especially of special items you know they enjoy, can help them out and really make them feel like you are there for them, even from afar.

Talk Over Video Apps

Late at night, when your friend needs someone to talk to, be available to them through the video apps so you can chat as much in-person as possible. Seeing you might help them to vent emotions and you can be there for them at all hours of the day.

cremation service in Elton, PA

Visit When Possible

You might not be able to drop everything and come right away, but when you are able to get away, visit your friend to help them through the grieving process, even after they have the cremation service in Elton, PA for their loved one.

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