Preparing For The Viewing At The Funeral Home

funeral homes in Westmont, PA

When a friend, or perhaps family member, passes on, you might hear that the family is going to have a regular service with funeral homes in Westmont, PA. That means you will likely be invited to a visitation, a funeral, and a burial service as part of the processes that will be carried out. The visitation is the first service and it’s different than the others. It’s more of an open house, and more casual, at that. Here are some things you can do to prepare yourself for that service.

What To Wear

You don’t have to worry about being formal with a visitation service. It’s a much more casual service than the funeral will be. You can wear whatever you had on at work as you stop by the service. You can also wear something like a nice shirt and decent pants. Dress in a clean, respectful manner, but don’t worry about colors or formality too much. If you are unsure as to what you need to wear, contact the funeral home holding the services and you can get further advice.

When To Arrive

Visitation services don’t have hard and fast start times. They have more of a range of hours, usually. You can stop by any time in that range. If the service is from 10-noon, for example, you can come by at 10:20, or 11:40. You won’t likely want to stay for the whole time. Most people won’t. It’s normal to stay for around 20-30 minutes. Don’t overstay and burden the family. Simply arrive when you can and stay until you feel the urge to leave.

Get The Closure You Need

You might go to the visitation simply to support the family members who are grieving. You may not even know their family member. In those cases, or if you feel uncomfortable in any way, you don’t have to approach the casket. It’s not required in any way. But if you did know the person, and you feel like approaching would give you closure and the chance to say a final goodbye, you are welcome to do so during the visitation when there is an opening.

Talk To Those Holding The Service

The visitation is often the easier time to talk to the family that is grieving the loss. The visitation is less formal and there aren’t any sit down times where you have to listen and be quiet. You can talk to the family, share your condolences, and let them know you are thinking of them.

funeral homes in Westmont, PA

When you are ready for the visitation service, or if you need further advice, funeral homes in Westmont, PA are here to help you get the information you need to move forward with confidence. While these professionals help with final service arrangements, they also want to help you to get whatever you need to support the family in grieving. Showing up at the final services can mean a lot to them and they will feel your compassion and support through your presence.

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