Post-Funeral Service Grave Decorating

funeral home in Westmont, PATraditional services with the funeral home in Westmont, PA can be a nice way to honor a family member who has passed on. If your family normally has a visitation, funeral, and then burial service, it’s what they are used to and everyone knows what to expect from the process. It can bring closure and the chance to say a final goodbye. Once the burial process occurs, you might want to return to your loved one’s grave to visit them, grieve on your own, honor their memory, and even decorate their grave a bit to show your love to them. There are lots of different things you can do, but there are things to keep in mind as well. Here are a few to consider.

Follow Rules And Regulations

Before you choose a cemetery, you need to read through their guidelines and rules thoroughly so you can make sure you are okay with everything they require. You will want to ensure that you are good with the type of headstone and any size restrictions they might have. You need to know the visiting hours, the maintenance they run, and many other things. One thing to pay attention to, both before and after you make the cemetery choice, is what they allow for decorations. Some cemeteries require you to have a vase actually attached to your loved one’s headstone, for example, in order for you to leave flowers with them that are up and out of the way. Before you start decorating, review those rules and regulations so you can approach it in the right manner.

Seasonal Items Are Often Nice

Think about the season when you are about to place something on your loved one’s grave to bring that particular season into whatever you leave behind. If you are taking flowers, take something in the colors of the season so it looks extra nice. In the summer, plant a flag near the headstone in honor of Independence Day. In the winter, put out some red and green colors for Christmas, or perhaps a decoration with birdseed on it to feed the birds and attract wildlife to your loved one’s grave. There are endless seasonal options.

funeral home in Westmont, PAGo With The Weather

Before you decide what to take and leave, check with the weather for that day and for a few days out. You don’t want to take something that is going to get buried in snow or ruined in rain. You also might want to wait for another day if there’s going to be high wind that might blow your décor to another location. Work with the weather instead of against it.

Consider Your Loved One

When you planned final services with the funeral home in Westmont, PA, you wanted to incorporate your loved one’s style and personality everywhere you could. The same is true about any decorations you take to their grave. Think about things they would appreciate and that would honor them. The professionals at Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory are here to offer advice and suggestions any time.

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