Options With Funeral Homes During The Pandemic

funeral homes in Elton, PAIt seems like everything is done differently today because of the pandemic. You can’t go into most stores without a mask and perhaps you find yourself ordering everything you can online instead. But what happens when a loved one passes on and you have to enlist the help of one of the funeral homes in Elton, PA in the area? Are things going to be way different there than you are used to? The good news is that funeral homes are essential and they worked very hard right away to adapt to the changing world to ensure that anyone who passed on would get what they needed. Here are a few options that funeral homes are providing to your family to keep you safe and give your loved one what they need at the same time.

Smaller Services

You can certainly have a funeral service for your loved one, or a memorial if you go with cremation, but you may want to make it a smaller service. The funeral home can offer suggestions on how to keep things small and intimate so the family members that were closest to your loved one get a chance to attend.

Postponed Memorials

If you want your family to be able to attend, and you want to invite friends as well, one of the options with cremation is simply putting the memorial service off for the time being. There’s no timeline on these services and if you want to have them once the pandemic clears up, you can certainly do so. Some families are doing something small right away with plans to do something larger in the future when they can.

Livestream Options

If you’d rather get the service over with so you can move on with your own grieving process and put your loved one to rest, you can have a smaller service, but livestream it so that anyone who wants to attend in the comfort and safety of their own home, can do just that. You give the option of virtual attendance to people you know might want to honor your loved one, but can’t risk being around others. It’s a nice way to include anyone who wants to be included, in a way.

Safe Planning Methods

You are welcome to visit the funeral home for tours or to make plans. We can stay distanced and masked so you feel safe about that option. But you can also do a lot of things over the phone or on the internet so you can limit your visits in person. There’s paperwork you can fill out online and you can talk about details with the funeral director by phone when you are able.

funeral homes in Elton, PAIf you want to learn more about what funeral homes in Elton, PA are doing for services around the pandemic stages, the professionals at Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory are here to talk whenever you are able. Call and ask any questions you have at any time.

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