What are the options for a final resting place for ashes?

cremation services in Salix, PA

When planning your cremation services in Salix, PA in advance, you get to decide as much or as little about those plans as you’d like. Most people choose a package with a funeral home so that everything that has to be taken care of, is. However, there are other things you can decide upon as well to give your family even more direction. You can purchase an urn of your choosing, for example, and you can decide and plan out what kind of memorial service you will have. You can also figure out what you want for your final resting place. These decisions will help your family do exactly as you’d like without having to guess. Here are a few options to consider for your final resting place.

Options for a final resting place for ashes

Scattering Over Water

If there’s a lake or river nearby that you’ve always found peaceful, it might make sense to you for your loved ones to have a scattering ceremony around that body of water. Once you are scattered there, they can share a few memories and they have somewhere to go when they want to think about you.

Scattering Over Ground

There are also plenty of locations you might feel are special to you. You could be asked to be scattered around a family home or in a public place. You will want to look into legalities of public areas. Your family might need a permit. And you will have to get permission if you want to have your ashes spread on private grounds that you don’t own.


You can have any kind of urn buried in a cemetery as well, in a smaller plot than a regular cemetery plot. You could even choose a biodegradable urn so you know the urn will break down over time and mix your ashes in with the soil. There are even plant urns that you could use in a family garden. Your ashes will help to nourish, along with the soil, the plants that form from the seeds in the urn. It can be a special way for you to foster new life even after you are gone.

Safely Stored

If your family moves around a lot or you just want to be as close to them as you can, you can have your ashes stored in a nice urn and ask your family to keep them. They will put them in a place of honor in their home and if they move, you go along, too.

There are lots of other resting places you could consider and if you decide that portion in advance as well as the rest of the cremation services in Salix, PA, it’s an even bigger help to your family. Work with the professionals at Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory on the process and we’ll help you get everything lined up and in writing for your family to use however far into the future your plans are needed.


cremation services in Salix, PA

Resting place for ashes FAQ

What is a final resting place for ashes?

This is the permanent and secured placement of cremated remains. It is usually marked by a headstone with the name and birth & death dates of the deceased. 

Where is the best place to keep ashes?

You can put the urn that holds cremation ashes on a bookshelf, or an open shelf. You can also put it in storage (basement or dedicated closet),

What is it called where you put someone’s ashes?

The columbarium stores and displays urns containing cremated remains, typically a building that can be indoors or outdoors.

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