Memorializing Your Loved One After Cremation With Unique Urn Options

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There are lots of different things you can do for a loved one after their cremation services in Westmont, PA. Many people have memorial services for their loved one and it’s also nice to choose a final resting place for them that honors them as well. You can place your loved one in the simple container the provider gives you as part of any cremation package. You can also buy an urn for them. But there are also unique options that will help you to do something extra special for your loved one.

A Wall Plaque

If you want to have something in your home to memorialize your loved one, you might engrave a specialized wall plaque for them. These plaques can say whatever you want and they can also come with a small container attached so you can place a small bit of your loved one’s ashes inside them. It’s nice to know you are honoring them in some small way right there in your home.

Their Watering Can

If your loved one had a green thumb, there was no happier place for them than the garden. They were always out there with their watering can, making sure every plant had just the right amount of moisture. You can place your loved one’s ashes inside that watering can, seal it, and place it in a location of honor in your home. Keep fresh flowers nearby and it can be even more honoring to them.

A Tool Box

If your family member enjoyed fixing things up, and never met something they couldn’t fix, placing them in their well-worn, well-used, and well-loved toolbox might feel like the right move. Store the tools in another box and allow them to occupy that space. You can use the tools yourself and think about them every time you do.

A Special Cookie Jar

You might want your loved one to be a part of every family meal and cooking disaster you have in the future. Cookie jars are perfect containers and they come in such a wide variety of options that everyone can find one that will suit their loved one. Place it up on top of the cabinets so your loved one is always there, overseeing the kitchen space.

cremation services in Westmont, PAGlass Art

Glass art can be beautiful and it can also allow you space for ashes. The ashes can show through the glass or they can keep them out of sight. They are unique, give you something special, and allow your loved one to be a part of your home in a nice location.


Many people consider themselves ‘book worms’ and if that sounds like your loved one, you might want to place their ashes in a hollowed-out book after their cremation services in Westmont, PA. Choose just the right book and they can sit on the shelf among other books they enjoyed. They will be in their happy place, even after their death, in that book.

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