Is Laughter Okay At Cremation Services?

cremation services in Westmont, PAWhen you are going to attend cremation services in Westmont, PA for someone you know who has passed on, it might be your first time going to a cremation service. You may not really know what to expect. It’s wise to find out what kind of service you are going to be attending so you are able to prepare and get comfortable with the idea of the service. You might also want to know what to wear and how to act. If you are used to somber funerals that are filled with traditions, you may be in for something completely different during a cremation service. At funerals, there’s not much laughter, but there absolutely can be at a cremation service. Here are a few times that laughter works well during cremation services.

During A Funny Story

If someone speaks at the cremation service, or if family is just taking turns telling stories, it’s perfectly fine to laugh and smile along with the others when they come up with a funny, fond memory. Whether it’s about the first time their loved one rode a horse and was sore for three days or the time they put their hamster in their sister’s bed, a lot of the fond memories are going to bring smiles and laughs. If you find something funny at an appropriate time, laughing can feel really good.

Add Fun Pictures

Some cremation services might use memorial videos during which pictures of the person who passed on will be shown in a slide show setting, perhaps with music behind the pictures. You can laugh for sure when you see the person dressed up in a clown suit on Halloween as a kid or making a silly face when everyone else in the picture is being serious. Fun pictures have a way of bringing out the personality of the person who passed on and it’s fun to remember them that way and smile at those memories.

At Other Circumstances

While the cremation service is going to revolve around the person who passed on, depending on what kind of service it is, there might be times when the family members and friends are just gathered together, visiting. When someone tells a story about their current work situation and it’s funny, laugh. There’s nothing wrong with having a good time with your life, even though you are sad that the person you are there to celebrate has passed on.

cremation services in Westmont, PAThere are some cremation services in Westmont, PA that are more on the traditional side and feel more like funeral services, but there are also cremations that bring laughter and smiles to the table. There’s nothing wrong with remembering someone you were fond of in that manner and when you see appropriate times to laugh and celebrate their memory, go right ahead and do so. If you aren’t sure what kind of memorial service you are in for, check with the professionals at Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory and we can help you from there.

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