Ideas For Memorial Services After Cremation

Cremation services in Elton, PACremation services in Elton, PA are the final service of choice in about half of the cases today. That is continuing to rise as the years go by and someday, experts project that there will be a rise to 80% of the cases using cremation. With more and more cremation, more families are turning to memorial services to honor their loved ones, say a final goodbye, and get the closure they need. But no two memorial services are identical and there are plenty of things you can do to make sure your loved one’s memorial is special and unique. Here are a few ideas to consider:

Enjoy Video Presentations

A memorial video can be one of the most special parts of a service. It can include pictures, music, video clips, interviews with relatives, and anything else you want. You can play a video of pictures continuously throughout the service or you can put one together with music and sound that is a part of the service. You can also make DVD copies that you can pass out to people who want to watch it again at home on their own as another memorial.

Memorial Displays

Another special, customized part of any service is the memorial display, if you choose to have one. This could be a table, a bulletin board, or both of pictures and objects that your loved one appreciated. You might put up pictures from a variety of places in their life and lay out some personal items, like their baseball trophy, their favorite card game, or whatever else would bring your loved one to mind. It can be a nice way to pay tribute to their life by highlight just who they were.

A Family Dinner

Another special thing you can do after the memorial service, or even for the memorial service, is have a family dinner. You can serve things your loved one adored, even if that means pizza, and share memories of that person. This is a more casual way to gather people, support one another, and even laugh over the good times you had with your loved one. This is something you could do before or after a memorial service, but it can also be the memorial service itself if that is what you choose to do.

Cremation services in Elton, PAWhen you have a loved one go through cremation services in Elton, PA after their death, it’s important to figure out what kind of memorial services you might want to have for them. Keep in mind that once the cremation is complete, there’s no timeline to the other services you might have. The professionals at Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory are here to help you with ideas, options, and suggestions whenever you are ready to make those plans. You get to choose what happens, and when. We’re here to help you come up with the right ideas to honor your loved one in the way you see fit, whatever that might look like for your family.

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