Getting Through Death Anniversaries

cremation service in Westmont, PA

When a loved one passes on, you figure out how to meet their needs and perhaps plan on cremation service in Westmont, PA. You can then have memorial services for them and even decide on a final resting place. One of the nice things about cremation is that you have a lot of freedom. You can have a memorial right away, or wait until later. You can decide on a final resting place right away, or, again, decide later on. Either way, you are going to grieve and once you feel like you might be moving past the heavy grief, the anniversary of their death rolls around and can throw you for a loop all over again. Here are some ideas that can help you get through those anniversary dates.

Visit Their Resting Place With Family

One thing that a lot of people do when a death anniversary arises is visit their loved one’s final resting place. It’s a nice way to honor that person, think of them, and do something special. Gather a few close family members and you can visit the scattering site, the grave, or the other location together. You can bring flowers, share stories, have a little mini-memorial, and just be together to support one another through this hard day.

Make Dinner Plans

You need to eat and if you have something to look forward to on the death anniversary, it can be easier to get to. Make dinner plans with family, a close friend, or even just your spouse. Go somewhere special that might remind you of your loved one or can help you to start a new tradition on the anniversary of their death. Treating yourself can help you to keep the grief at bay and balance things out.

Attend A Local Special Event

What did your loved one enjoy doing with their spare time? There might be an event in the area that you could attend on their death anniversary in their honor. If they loved local theater, support a high school and go see their play. If they enjoyed sports, watch the Middle school play in a basketball tournament. There might be an auction happening, which your loved one would never miss, or something else of that sort. Local events are nice to support and they might be something you can do to honor your loved one and take your mind off your grief.

cremation service in Westmont, PA

Volunteer Your Time

One thing that can help you from feeling too bad is helping others. You might want to volunteer your time at a local homeless shelter, soup kitchen, animal shelter, or baby pantry. These places always need help and honoring your loved one in that manner can start a new tradition and help yourself through the anniversary of their cremation service in Westmont, PA. Your cremation provider is always there for advice if you want to call and get more suggestions for things you can do to get through the anniversary of your loved one’s death.

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