Funeral Home Recommendations For Cremated Remains

funeral homes in Westmont, PAFamilies are very busy when they have to plan final services with funeral homes in Westmont, PA. If you choose cremation for your loved one, that’s one big decision out of the way. But there are other decisions you have to make as well. One of the reasons cremation has become so popular over the years is because there’s a flexible timeline to it. Once the cremation is complete, you can have all the time you want or need to plan final services, and decide what you want to do with your loved one’s cremated remains. When you are ready to make that decision, here are a few things the funeral home suggests considering.

Display The Remains At Home

If you have a nice, sturdy, long-lasting urn for your loved one, there’s no reason you can’t bring their remains home with you and display them in a place of honor. You can put them on the mantel, in a china hutch, on a bookshelf, or somewhere else safe where you will see the urn a lot. This is nice if you move a lot because you can take them with you and it’s also nice if you simply want them to be as close as possible to you.

A Cemetery Burial

Going with cremation means you have lots of options for the final resting place, but you can also still go for a cemetery burial, if you so choose. It is a nice way to infuse family traditions into the process. Plus, it can be nice to have one convenient location where anyone who wants to visit your family member can. The urn plots are a lot smaller and less expensive than traditional plots.

Scatter The Ashes

One of the most popular options is to scatter your loved one’s remains in a special location. If they loved the ocean, you could charter a boat and scatter them into the sea. If they took walks in a local park all of the time, you could scatter them there. You could also scatter them around the family home or grounds to keep them close. There are endless options as to where you might want to scatter remains. Some people even use a variety of locations to vary the scatterings.

funeral homes in Westmont, PAThere are lots of things you can do with a loved one’s cremated remains once they have gone through the cremation process. If you aren’t sure what you want to do for your loved one yet, funeral homes in Westmont, PA can help you by listing options so you can see what feels best to you. Once you have the cremation process completed, you can take your time in making the other decisions. Perhaps you will want to focus on holding a memorial service with Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory first and then, you can figure out what to do about a final resting place after that. There’s no rush and no pressure. You have to do what you feel is best whenever you are able to make those decisions.

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