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There are many honorable things you can do with a loved one’s remains after their cremation service with Funeral Homes in Westmont, PA. One of the most popular options is to scatter the remains in a special location. Some people still bury them in the cemetery while others hold a burial in the family garden or another location. There are also some families that don’t want to let go of their loved one’s remains for whatever reason. They choose to keep them in their home in a special place. There are many different locations you can place your loved one’s remains after their cremated remains return to you once the process is complete.

The Family Room

If your family gathers often for TV, movie marathons, and game night, you might want your loved one to be a part of that gathering every time. The family room also often has safe locations where remains can sit, like on a fireplace mantel, a high shelf, and other such areas. It’s a central location in the house where you will see your loved one’s remains often.

The Eating Area

Whether you have a full dining room, or a breakfast nook, your family loves to eat. The eating area in your home is often busy at certain times of the day and you have conversations around the table that you don’t have anywhere else. You can make your loved one a part of that area of the home with a special memorial shelf near the table.

The Front Entrance

Some people are warm, welcoming, and born entertainers. If your loved one was hospitable, you might feel good about placing them on a shelf in the entryway so they can be a part of greeting every guest that comes to your home. They were never happier than when they were greeting guests in their own house.

Your Home Office

Perhaps you work from home and you want to be able to have your loved one nearby when you do. Or, the office might be an out of the way location in your home that you can easily access, but where you feel your loved one is safe. It can be nice to honor your loved one in a place like that, too.

Funeral Homes in Westmont, PAWhere You Make The Meals

If your loved one made meals unlike anyone else you know, placing your loved one in an urn, or even a cookie jar, that you then locate on top of the kitchen cabinets or in another safe place in the kitchen can be a real honor to them. They can be a part of any triumph you have with one of their recipes.

There are lots of choices to make regarding your loved one’s cremation services, and if you need help with suggestions for where you might place your loved one in your home, funeral homes in Westmont, PA are here to help you with options. You can try a few things until you reach a conclusion for the best location in your home.

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