Dealing With Death Overseas

funeral homes in Elton, PAThere are no ideal situations in death, but if a loved one of yours dies overseas, what are you to do? Even if they are overseas, the professionals at funeral homes in Elton, PA are still there to help you. Here are a few things you might want to consider and do so that you can take care of their needs, even from afar.

Contact Local Funeral Homes For Help

You might be at a loss as to what you should do when you first learn that your loved one has passed on. It’s completely fine and even understandable that you would contact your local funeral homes for help with the process. While they are there near you and not overseas, they can still advise you as to what you might want to do and steps you should take. Plus, if your loved one makes the trip back home, they can help orchestrate that and take care of needs around that as well.

Get The Body Sent Home

You might want your loved one to be returned home and there’s a process involved in that. You will want it to happen as soon as possible if you’d like to have the funeral and burial done at home. Fill out the paperwork and follow custom and other instructions. Keep in mind that the local funeral home you have been in contact with is there to help you with the process so you aren’t alone in working through the details.

Consider Cremation There, Then A Return

It’s also possible to have your loved one cremated overseas so that their needs are met right away and then, you can have them returned to you with much more ease and a much less pressing timeline. Processing their cremation overseas can make it easier to get them to you and you won’t have the time crunch you would have on a burial.

Bury Them Over There

It may also be possible to bury your loved one overseas so you don’t have to worry about cremation or bringing them home. If they lived there or loved it there, you might feel good about that process. You can move forward with it and have your own memorial services here, or you could travel to them and bring immediate family to honor their life in their current location.

funeral homes in Elton, PAIT’s never easy to deal with a death in your family, but if a loved one dies overseas and you have to handle their services from that far away, the professionals at funeral homes in Elton, PA are still there to help you with the options. Contact the experts at Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory and start to work through the details of what you need to do so you are able to get everything your loved one needs on the right timeline. You can decide what you want to do and get the aid you have to have to work through the papers and details that are going to be necessary.

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