Cremation Services For Someone Who Loved To Travel

cremation services in Westmont, PAWhen someone close to you in your family passes on, you might have to decide if they are going to have traditional funeral and burial services or cremation services in Westmont, PA. If they didn’t leave any plans behind and they never told you what they prefer, it’s in your best interest to think about what they would have wanted based on their personality and style. You will have to make a guess, one way or the other, but the way the person was can inform that guess and give you the confidence you need to move forward with a certain plan. If your loved one liked to travel, there are reasons to lean toward cremation services. Here are a few to consider.

They Wouldn’t Want To Be Stuck In One Place

Traditional funerals usually include a visitation, a funeral, and then a burial ceremony. Your loved one, once buried, is in place permanently. But if the person in question was more on the restless side, always wanting to travel and see the sights in various locations, being buried in one place forever might not make them happy if they were to hear about it. Instead, you can go with cremation and allow them the freedom of movement. You can scatter their ashes into water or into the air and free them to travel. Or, you can keep them in an urn at home and if you ever move, they can go along with you.

They’d Appreciate A Traveling Resting Place

If you know your loved one wanted to visit all 50 states and they didn’t quite make that goal, you can help them accomplish it through cremation. Have the cremation done and then take the urn with you to the remaining states, and even a few favorites they’d visited before. You can even scatter a few ashes along the way in nice locations so your loved one’s heart for travel will always be a part of the trip.

They’re Still Able To Travel

You can’t take a casket with you anywhere, but you can place some of your loved one’s ashes in mini-urns, like those in cremation jewelry, and the next time you take a family vacation, they are still able to travel along with you, in a way. Their traveling spirit doesn’t go away just because they have passed on and you can feel closer to them when you take them along and wear the jewelry piece you have.

cremation services in Westmont, PAThere are many different reasons to go one way or the other on traditional burial or cremation services in Westmont, PA, but if your traveling loved one who passed on seems more suited to cremation, the professionals at Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory can help you with ideas and options that also suit their memory. Give us a call for a free consultation and we’ll talk through the packages and ideas that might work well for your family, and your loved one’s love of traveling.

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