Creating Unique Cremation Services

cremation services in Salix, PAWhen you decide to have cremation services in Salix, PA for a loved one who has passed on, that means you have the opportunity to do something really unique for them. There are plenty of traditional memorial service options, but if the person you are honoring was unique, you want to do something special for them as well. Here are just a few unique ideas that can make the services you plan really stand out in their honor.

Have A Fireworks Show

There are plenty of options to consider for a loved one’s remains surrounding their final services. You might, for example, shoot them off into fireworks. Even if that seems a little much for their remains, you could still have a fireworks show in their honor. It could be a nice way to end a memorial service or a great way to celebrate their life. If your loved one always liked fireworks and was in awe of their beauty, having a show for them could be just the right option.

Release Balloons

There’s something cathartic about watching a balloon float away. At the end of your loved one’s final service, you might want to release some balloons in their honor. You can put ashes in the balloons as a way to send them off or just release them as a symbolic way of letting them go. It can give you closure and it’s a beautiful thing to see as your family gathers and the balloons take to the sky.

Enjoy A Reception

Many different services are followed by receptions, but you don’t have to do something typical in the reception you have. You could have a reception that feels like a wedding reception with food and dancing, for example, in order to honor your loved one’s enjoyment of dancing and to celebrate their life. You can go bowling and have pizza brought to the lanes for the reception or any number of other things. Receptions don’t have to be standard and can be something everyone in your family really enjoys.

Spread Bird Seed

There are many people who adore watching birds and if your loved one had endless bird feeders and constant stories about the types of birds they attracted, spreading bird seed in a park in their honor might feel like the right thing you do. You can even scatter their ashes in a bed of bird seed or use an urn within a bird bath to showcase just how much they enjoyed the birds they used to watch.

cremation services in Salix, PAWhen you choose cremation services in Salix, PA for your loved one, you open up the unique options that allow you to do something really special for that person, depending on their own unique style and personality. Even if nothing specific comes to mind right away, the professionals at Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory are here to help you brainstorm and come up with just the right ideas to honor your loved one in a way they would appreciate and in a way your family will enjoy.

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