Bringing Your Cremation Plans Up With Family

cremation services in Westmont, PAThere are some things that you are used to talking about with your family, like what to have for dinner, sports, movies, and so on. But there are other things, like cremation services in Westmont, PA that might feel like an awkward topic. Nonetheless, if you want your family to know that you’d like to be cremated as part of your final service plans, they need to hear it from you. Here are a few tips on bringing the topic up with them.

Be Direct About Your Wishes

You don’t want to beat around it and hem and haw about what you want. When you gather your family to talk about the plans, you should be direct about what you want. Don’t say you think you might want to be cremated, for example. Rather tell them that you’ve thought it through and cremation is really want you want.

Outline What’s Already Planned

Once you decided that cremation services were for you, perhaps you visited with cremation providers and planned out the services. Your family should know where your plans are held so they know who to call when you pass on in the future. But it’s also good for them to know what’s included in the plans. Are there details they will still have to plan or is everything in order? What will happen? It’s good for them to have the information so they can get used to the idea of whatever you have planned and they will not be surprised when the future arrives.

Let Family Know Where To Call

Once your family knows what plans are in place, it’s good that they know where the plans are so they can call that cremation provider when you pass on in the future. Perhaps give them some paperwork with the name and phone number on it so they can call them when the time comes. Have them place that document in a safe spot so they can access it when needed.

Allow Questions And Input

After you tell your family what you have planned, let them ask questions they have about what’s going to happen, why you chose what you did, and so on. They can also give their input if there’s something they would really like to have as a part of the cremation service. Their input might help you to fill in some holes you didn’t have completed before.

cremation services in Westmont, PAWhen you are planning your own cremation services in Westmont, PA, you know the plans will be revolving around you and what you want. But you also want to think about the family member you will be leaving behind and what they need to mourn and move forward. The professionals at Simple Alternatives Funeral Home & Crematory are here to help you get your plans into place and to write them out. You can have copies for your family and for your own records and we will hold onto them as well so when you need them, they’re ready.

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